Leading Power Management & Engineering Company

Mitsubishi Engine & Turbocharger

Mitsubishi Engine & Turbochargers arerecognized worldwide as the most reliable and dependable turbo in the market.

Linear Power International is authorized distributor of MHI engine and turbocharger.


Power Generation

"We are one of the top companies in Myanmar as far as
power generation engineering is concern"

Pramac (Italy)

One of the best brand in Europe, Pramac is available in Myanmar. Linear Power International is authorized distributor of Pramac.

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Maximal Forklift

Current product range covers 4 series, including 1.5-compact12T industrial forklift, 1.8-5.0T rough terrain forklift, 13.5-32.0T heavy duty forklift & Port machinery and warehouse equipment.

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Mercury Marine

We offer the most-complete line of outboard power, for fishing boats and speed boats, for pontoons and tenders, for work and for play. Mercury Outboards - Durable. Reliable. Powerful.

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ComAp Control Systems

ComAp leads the way in providing smart power control solutions that are highly flexible, intuitive, and scalable.

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Spare parts and complete

accessories for marine engines

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We provide material handling

solution by pramac

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