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The fast and perfect installation of power stations, the best and stable cooling towers or fully loaded motors? We ( Linear Power International )supply the requirement for every energy whole wide country with support of a team comprised with technical specialist. We also provide engines (Diesel or Gas), generators, motors and control systems with easy both on cost and operation. As our vision is to become the best energy solution provider in Myanmar, we'll try for our best at all cost.

Greeting from BOD

Dear our value customers, thank you for your trust & long business relationship with us for years. Since there is more and more changes in technologies each days, we understand that our solutions must be future ready and backward compatibility. We also have to focus on Hybrid techs since some parts of the world are facing with a problem of low in fuel & gasoline. And yet, we don’t forget about the new filtration systems to provide you since country like China is concern with air pollution crisis. Our solutions are designed base on: Clean, Green, Stable, Fault Tolerance & best/highest available technologies. We’re positive & fully experience in this market for years. We will take your complex requirement and you’ll get our turnkey of success.




Hybrid systems, as the name implies, combine two or more modes of electricity generation together, usually using renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbines. Hybrid systems provide a high level of energy security through the mix of generation methods, and often will incorporate a storage system (battery, Fuel cell) or small fossil fueled generator to ensure maximum supply reliability and security. Our ComAp controller is the heart of such complex systems. Or it may be the heart of future space station power plant on Mars.


For your most demanding complex hybrid systems

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